REEL 2016

TTPs demo reel with previous commercials, short films, music videos, online content and corporate videos. 

(Edited by Jessica Franz. Music by ArtBrait, Justina Shandler. c_2016.)


SAT.1 Talent Class - Winner: "Dieb is' gut" short film

Accolade Competition - Award of Merit: "A Child" short film

MoFilm Rio - Winner: "AdeS Dreamers" commercial

MoFilm Chicago - 2nd place: "AT&T Do you have Crayons" commercial

MoFilm Cannes - 4th place: "Tume Scavenger Hunt" commercial

MoPhoto - Winner: "Cornetto Faire tale" campaign

MoPhoto - 2nd place: "Lipton Picnic" campaign

RIP Horror Film Festival - Winner: Thrillbuster music video



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